Business Plan

(Deprecated) This is a mock business plan submitted for the 2020 DSU College Business Plan Competition.

Developed Not Downloaded

Executive Summary


Developed Not Downloaded creates a platform for an ecosystem of software engineers, developers, and software development firms and connects them to businesses looking for software development.

This service works by a company creating a listing for what software they are looking to have developed, rather that’s a website, mobile app, or desktop software. Developers can then post bids on the listings stating what that piece of software will cost, the time to develop the software, and any other fees. The business can then choose the most competitive offer, and have the software developed.


Being an online platform allows for a wide range of customers. Initially the focus of the platform is in The United States. But by being a globally accessed platform it is not limited geographically, and could easily expand to many other areas globally. The target markets are any business, big or small, looking at outsourcing a software development project. The market for this platform surrounds businesses and their development projects. Other markets would include the developers. A platform like this does not work without developers creating bids on the listings. So, including freelancers/independent contractors in the focused markets will enable this platform to be successful.


Month 2: Hiring a Legal Director and Marking Lead

Month 3: Having a framework developed

Month 5: Private Beta Launch

Month 7: All legal aspects are checked and approved

Month 11: Public Launch

Month 12: Projects are being listed; listings are being accepted

Month 18: Fifty Percent growth in user base

Month 24: Breakeven Point reached

Five Years: Scales Globally

Future of the Company

The future for our platform will include a social area where anyone can post project ideas, ask for technical help, or just make comments. This will help to expand the ecosystem of users, and may help to further spread the influence of our company.

Company Description

Mission Statement

To connect software developers and business for any type of software development.

Principal Members

Andrew Rotert – Owner, Lead Software Engineer

Caleb Nielsen – Software Consultant

TBD – Legal Director

TBD – Marketing Lead

Partners & Resources

Getting started, and for continued support Developed Not Downloaded would need to partner with small businesses, software development firms, and independent contractors. While these groups are all within our target markets, they will be able to help build our brand and image as a company. Since these groups are all within our target markets, and the way are platform works, they all stand to benefit from partnerships.

Legal Structure

Developed Not Downloaded will be a Limited Liability Company, incorporated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Market Research


When a company wants to outsource for a new software technology it may be hard for the business to know which software firm to select. Software can be very customized for any particular business, and vary in complexity. This makes it hard for a business to find a competitive offer, because there is no baseline to compare cost to, and every software developing firm will charge differently. It can also be hard for a freelance software developer to find new clients. Businesses may not know that a freelancer is available when looking to have software developed, and the freelancer may not know that a business is looking to have software developed.

Currently businesses looking at outsourcing software development may hire a software development firm to deliver the end product, and freelancers may only be connected to smaller projects.

Our main competitor to this problem would be outsourcing websites like This type of website is designed to allow companies to hire a freelancer by the hour, allowing freelancers to be connected to larger scoped projects, and businesses to gain developers for projects. However, this type of website is not focused on the end product being delivered, it is focused on finding labor.

Detailed Description of Customers

The target customers for Developed Not Downloaded are small business owners, IT departments, and CEOs who are looking to have any type of software developed. Our other target user base are software developers, freelancers, and independent contractors looking to complete projects for profit. More specifically our platform will target businesses that don’t know who or where to go to for software, or if a development project is even practical for their business. Instead of a business having to research who might be able to too complete a project, our platform allows them to choose from a variety of offers based on their own criteria. Our other target user base focuses on freelancers who may struggle finding a business that need software developed. Our platform then enables freelancers to know when a company is looking for software, and allows them to provide completive offers to be seen by the business. As the platform grows, our two main customer bases benefit from the other one growing. Therefor our platforms benefits will encompass more businesses as the user base of developers grows, and as the amount of business listings increases the benefits for the developers grow.

Company Advantages

Because Developed Not Downloaded provides a platform of users, there is no services or products being sold. The advantage that our platform provides are the connections between businesses and developers. Our company will provide information on the developer: their past work, education, if they are a firm or an individual, and if they have any recommendations. This will help a business to be informed in their selections. Developers will have access to the lead engineer and software consultant for any unforeseen challenges. This will help to boost confidence in developers’ abilities, as well improve the quality of products being delivered.


Developed Not Downloaded will meet all federal and state regulations concerning business consulting and independent contracting.

Service Line


Platform Services Include:

Pricing Structure

Developed not Downloaded will include three ways for receiving revenue.

Product Lifecycle

Once a listing is accepted by the business the full listing amount plus fees will be put in a temporary holding area pending the completion of the project. Once a project is completed then the listing amount is paid to the developer and the fees are collected by Developed Not Downloaded. If a project is not completed the business will receive their full listing amount plus fees back. If a project is completed late the business reserves the right to claim late fees, at the agreed upon amount from the accepted bid.

Intellectual Property Rights

Developed Not Downloaded will be in the processes of trademarking our name, property, and logos. Developed Not Downloaded will also need to acquire our domain name, and social media accounts.

Research and Development

Developed Not Downloaded is planning on completing the following research and development

Marketing & Sales

Growth Strategy

Marketing is key for a company like Developed Not Downloaded. In the early stages of the company we have four methods to reach two groups, businesses and developers.

Communicate with the Customer

Developed Not Downloaded has three initial methods of communication

How to Sell

A large part of Developed Not Downloaded is reaching business and developers. This requires a lot of strategic marketing. Currently we plan on having one marketing lead. This individual will work to attract new clients through targeted advertising, handling of public relations, and other means. Additionally, as the platform grows in size, we plan on hiring more software consultants to support developers, and ensure quality work.

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